Laura Roser, CEO and proud aunt

Let’s Chat About Your Legacy

I Want to Help You Pass On What’s Most Important to Your Family

Schedule a complimentary 30-minute call with me to discuss:

  • What makes sense for you and your life phase
  • Your legacy goals
  • A tangible plan to move forward

If I can be of service, I’d love to help.

Whether we ever talk or not, I hope you remember that you have an impact on your loved ones and your words of encouragement, love and wisdom make a difference (make sure to express them and record them somewhere!).

My best to you and your family,

Laura A. Roser, CEO and Founder of Paragon Road

P.S. Below are some programs we offer to help you along your legacy journey.

Lasting Legacy

6-Week Live Online Program

Capture the significant parts of your life & archive them in a beautiful book your family will cherish.

We believe the greatest gift you can give your loved ones is the skills to live a productive, empowering life. The best way to provide them with that knowledge by sharing your life stories, cultivating a solid support system, and building a legacy together.

Let us take you through our 6-week Lasting Legacy program to discover how to organize your wisdom into a priceless resource for your family and turn your life into a work of art they will treasure now and for generations.

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5 Conversations

Interviews to Capture Your Family’s Stories

Want a record of your family’s most-valuable stories, but don’t know where to start? Let us interview them!

Everyone has stories that matter, especially to their loved ones, but those stories can be difficult to remember without the right process. Let a seasoned interviewer trained in our WisdomDiscovery™ techniques help you uncover significant life stories, memories and events that will mean so much to your family.

Our interviews focus on 5 main types of stories your family needs to know. The point of the topics are to reveal your life, while teaching your children about their past, how your family overcomes adversity, how your family supports each other, how you find happiness, and values you hold dear.

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Legacy Incorporated

Document Your Entrepreneurial Journey

Let our writers turn your leadership legacy and company history into a book that will be cherished by your family and employees.

Your company is a result of your growth as a person and the innovation of your team. It took vision, grit and persistence to get where you are. Let our professional interviewers, writers, editors and designers bring your legacy to life.

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