The Most Valuable Gift You Can Pass On to Your Loved Ones

Your experiences and values affect the next generation. Your stories of growing up, facing your fears and doing the right thing serve as a foundation for your family to build their own beliefs upon.

So, what is it Americans want to know about their grandparents?

The Top 5 Things People Want to Know About Their Grandparents*

  • Stories of when they were young (72%)
  • Childhood memories (62%)
  • Where your family came from (62%)
  • Their heritage (62%)
  • Life advice (51%)
* Survey conducted by ancestry.com

The challenge is “packaging up” your life in a way that is meaningful and accessible to your family. That’s where Paragon Road comes in. We specialize in helping people discover their own significance and document their beliefs, stories, business philosophies, and principles to pass on to their families, friends, employees, or communities.

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“If you care about your impact on the world and your family, read Your Meaning Legacy. It will teach you how to pass on what’s most important.”

– Kevin Cashman, Global Head of CEO & Executive Development, Korn Ferry, Best-Selling Author of Leadership from the Inside Out and The Pause Principle

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Praise for Legacy Arts:

What an amazing opportunity working with the Legacy Arts team.
I am forever grateful to be a part of a movement that promotes the value of embracing cultural heritage in pursuit of highlighting ones true legacy. A movement that embraces differences and fosters a community rich in tradition, human creativity, expression and intangible attributes. A legacy documented in a roadmap that displays the trials, triumphs and beauty woven in the fabric of our legacy. Legacy Arts highlighting what really matters.
– C. Michelle Bryan, Director, Resource Management and Strategy and Policy U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Federal Protective Service, #DifferenceMaker
I am humbled by your article.
I am humbled by your article and thankful that you took the time and effort to share… It is also a reminder to ourselves that words are just that, words. Articles in this case or just self-reflecting is a great way to keep ourselves honest and are we living what we believe. Thanks for the opportunity to remind myself.
– Brian Happel, BBVA Compass, Fort Worth Market CEO
People like the focus on family and values...
I have had many compliments on this article. People like the focus on family values and not financial focus. Congratulations on your fine writing and editing.
– Larry Mendelson, Chairman and CEO of Heico (NYSE: HEI and HEI.A)
A brilliant article...
A brilliant article, beautifully laid out, which made an instant impact, so well done.
– Ian Brennan, Sculptor of the Most Nobel Order, Heraldry Sculptor for Windsor Castle
The experience was very helpful to me personally...
I really enjoyed speaking with you - the experience was very helpful to me personally, as I can't say I have ever taken the time to reflect on what's important to me in such a purposeful way.
– Zhenya Abbruzzese, Medical Innovator and Founder of Enigma Health
Well written!
– Bracken Darrell, CEO of Logitech
It's an absolute pleasure working with you.
Thank you, Laura. It's an absolute pleasure working with you.
– Gail McGovern, CEO of American Red Cross


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