6-Week Live Online Program

Capture the significant parts of your life & archive them in a beautiful book your family will cherish.

#1 Amazon bestselling author of Your Meaning Legacy & leading legacy planning expert Laura Roser takes you on a storytelling journey to capture the significant parts of your life & archive them in a beautiful book your family will cherish.


Imagine your grandchildren excitedly grabbing for your Book of You and flipping through its pages. Each page is its own work of art with delightful headlines, engaging writing, and beautiful images. A hardcover book, with a glossy dust jacket and color pages with a slight luster coating.

“This is the time Grandpa lost his tooth in a fight!” your granddaughter exclaims as she points to a picture of a missing tooth and reads the headline.

“Go to the page where Grandpa talks about Dad’s birth,” your grandson says, “that’s my favorite story.”

Then your youngest granddaughter looks at you and says, “Grandpa, tell us about when you met Grandma. I love that part of the story when you talk about her sparkly eyes.”

This book is a treasure – a history of your life – that’s fun to read, captivating and filled with just the right balance of writing and images to intrigue every age.

And the best part is, you can create this treasured book in our live online program in just 6-weeks.


We believe everyone should pass on their stories to their family. Often creating a beautiful book like this one can take years and painstaking writing, editing, and designers to make it a reality. But most people don’t have years (not to mention, the extra cash) to spend writing their life story and then hiring designers and editors to turn it into an heirloom book. Thanks to advancements in technology and our WisdomDiscovery™ process, creating a beautiful book about your life in record time is possible.

And the results are breathtaking. If you haven’t checked out an example of the book yet, click here now >

Here’s how we do it: Our designers created that exact book you just clicked on in an online program that allows you to quickly, easily change the text, edit photos, and add new pages. We give you your own account so you can edit the book and make it your own. (It’s really easy – no design experience required!) Then once a week for 6 weeks Laura Roser, our CEO and legacy writing expert, takes you through our WisdomDiscovery process to extract your most-important stories and fill out each part of the book.

These weekly video chat sessions are done in small groups of no more than 6 people. This is so each person can share with the group each week and get feedback. We also provide you with a Content Coordinator to help you one-on-one and answer questions.

By the end of the 6 weeks, you have a beautiful book your kids, grand kids, neighbors and friends will love. You end up with a PDF book, plus a hardcover printed book you can give to your loved ones. Order as many printed copies as you like!


By the end of the program, you will have:

  • 80- to 100-page Book of You ( You create the content during the program; our Content Coordinator works with you to finish the book; the printed book typically is ready 3 to 4 weeks after the final session). (Delivered to you as a PDF and hardcover book.)
  • 30- to 50-minute audio interview about your life. (Delivered to you as a transcript & mp3 file.)
  • Memories of you. We reach out to up to 50 friends and family members to gather their memories about you to include in the book.
  • Tools and training to capture life stories and create a family legacy of empowerment.


Your Lasting Legacy is facilitated through 4 elements:

  • Live 6-week Lasting Legacy guided autobiography program, in which you will capture your wisdom about an important topic each week (in 1 weekly 2-hour live video session).
  • Online system to edit and layout your book.
  • Legacy expert Laura Roser personally guides the group through our WisdomDiscovery™ process to uncover significant stories, beliefs and principles and write about them in a way that’s captivating.
  • A Content Coordinator to answer your questions and walk you through the process of designing your book.


We conduct the program a handful of times per year online, via video chat. So, you can participate from anywhere in the world.

We also conduct the program for select groups. If you have a group of friends or family who would like to go through the Lasting Legacy program together, please contact us. Minimum group size is 4. For custom groups, we can tailor sessions to you (for example, if you want to create a joint family book, or modify the outcome for your specific objectives).


If it’s not for you, let us know before the 3rd session and we’ll refund your money, no questions asked.


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