Interviews with a Legacy Expert to Capture Your Wisdom

Want a record of your family’s most-valuable stories, but don’t know where to start? Let us interview them!

Everyone has stories that matter, especially to their loved ones, but those stories can be difficult to remember without the right process. Let a seasoned interviewer trained in our WisdomDiscovery™ techniques help you uncover significant life stories, memories and events that will mean so much to your family.



Our interviews focus on 5 main types of stories your family needs to know. The point of the topics are to reveal your life while teaching your children about their past, how your family overcomes adversity, how your family supports each other, how you find happiness, and values you hold dear.

These types of stories build a foundation of resilience, hope, love and joy for your family.

Before each interview session, we give you several questions to think about that will enhance your memory and help us make the most of the interview. Specifically, we cover these topics in our interviews:

  • Your younger years (i.e. what it was like growing up, young adulthood, college, your first job, etc.)
  • Family history (i.e. stories about your heritage, favorite memories of your children/grandchildren, etc.)
  • The tough times (i.e. how you or your family got through struggles, how friends and family helped each other get through the tough times, etc.)
  • The happy times (i.e. what brings you joy, the greatest moments of your life, honors or awards, etc.)
  • Lessons to live by (i.e. greatest lessons you’ve learned so far, values you hold dear, advice to your younger self, regrets you would have avoided, etc.)

Before you begin the interview process, you have a conversation with the interviewer to ensure the “chemistry” is good. It’s important to us that you like, trust and feel comfortable with your interviewer.

We let you decide how deep you want to go and what you’d like to talk about. If you don’t want to talk about something, we move on. Most people find it really fun to reminisce!


Your stories are facilitated through 5 elements:

  • A professional interviewer who is trained in our WisdomDiscovery™ process
  • Audio files of all interviews (delivered as mp3s)
  • Written transcripts of all interviews
  • Editor who formats the interviews for your book (editing, adding in titles, identifying key stories, and splitting into chapters)
  • Book* with edited transcripts and stories (delivered as pdf and softcover printed copy)

* The book is a 5.5×8.5 paperback with black and white interior and color cover. We use our typical formatting (ask for an example) and our basic cover (with your added details). If you would like custom formatting or a custom cover, we can provide quotes depending on the complexity.


We conduct between 4 and 10 interviews with you or your family members either via video chat or on the phone (whichever you prefer). In each session, we talk about important life events and ask you questions to uncover what relationships, places, events, and memories have had the most significance to you over the years. We then archive your most-important stories in a printed paperback book.


Our 5 Conversations program is tailored to you. We’d love to talk more about what makes sense for your unique situation. Email us at legacy@paragonroad.com