“We need to leave the world with legacy of meaning, not just a financial one.”


What We Do

Paragon Road is the leader in Meaning Legacy™ planning or non-financial estate planning. We help you define and “package up” important parts of you (such as your stories, principles, family heritage, and wisdom) so they don’t get lost or forgotten.

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Our Mission

To help people discover their own significance and document their beliefs, stories, business philosophies, and principles to pass on to their families, friends, employees, or communities.

Why Your Legacy Matters

There are several motivations behind creating a meaningful legacy. Some of the most mentioned benefits are:

  • More fulfillment and purpose in your life.
  • A closer family who enjoys improved communication and joint goals.
  • Children exhibiting higher levels of self-esteem, loyalty to the family, independence, and a solid foundation of morals and principles to live by.
  • No regrets—you will not reach the end of your life and wonder why you didn’t express your love before it was too late.
  • Greater peace of mind knowing that your children and loved ones have an “instruction manual” from you outlining lessons you’ve learned, what you believe in, and how you have done practical things (such as manage money or grow your business).
  • Building a legacy to be remembered for, providing hope, a sense of pride, and inspiration for future generations.
  • Creating a tangible record of your life that will be treasured and not fade over time, as memories tend to do.
  • Leveraging your impact on the community in supporting a cause you care about.

A Note From Laura A. Roser, CEO and Founder

I first started thinking about my legacy several years ago after a meeting with a financial advisor who initially hooked me with the sentence, “We have a process to help you pass on wisdom and principles to your kids.”

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Coat of Arms

This is Paragon Road’s coat of arms. The three acorns represent each asset: financial, intellectual, and character. Most estate plans focus only on passing along your financial assets, and exclude your intellectual and character assets. Although financial assets are important, they should not stand alone. Our process for defining and passing on your non-financial assets works to fortify and support your family and community. The tree that grows from passing on all of your assets represents generations of abundance, love, wisdom and resilience.

The motto means “more lasting than bronze.” In Horace’s final poem in his third book of Odes, the poet boasts that his poetry will outlive any manmade monument: “Exegi monumentum aere perennius.” (“I have made a monument more lasting than bronze.”) Your legacy — if well documented — can be more lasting than bronze in the hearts of your loved ones and those who follow.