Document Your Entrepreneurial Journey

Let our writers turn your leadership legacy and company history into a book that will be cherished by your family and employees.

Your company is a result of your growth as a person and the innovation of your team. It took vision, grit and persistence to get where you are. Let a seasoned writer turn your journey into a captivating tale about how you created a thriving business.



We help you articulate your personal process of growth and perseverance, as well as the evolution of the company itself.

Specifically, we cover these topics:

  • History of the company (i.e. who founded the company, its leadership history, significant turning points, etc.)
  • The company today (i.e. what the company has become, the team, the culture, future aspirations, etc.)
  • The tough times (i.e. how company leaders persevered through struggles, greatest lessons learned, etc.)
  • The happy times (i.e. honors or awards, moments of meaning with employees or customers, etc.)
  • Your personal evolution & philosophy (i.e. how you were shaped as a person by your ambitions, lessons you personally learned through business, how you approach leadership, your succession plan or mentoring efforts, etc.)

We let you decide how deep you want to go and what you’d like us to archive. If you don’t want to talk about something, we move on. Most people find it really fun to reminisce about their journey!


Your entrepreneurial legacy is facilitated through 4 elements:

  • Professional interviewers, writers, editors and designers who make your legacy come to life
  • Our interview process to extract your most poignant stories (this can be done via audio or video)
  • A printed book*
  • The option to turn parts or all of your corporate legacy into a video

* We offer two types of books: 1) a graphical coffee-table-style book with pictures and beautiful imagery or 2) a memoir-style book with limited pictures and a focus on the writing. Rates vary depending on the complexity of the project and your final vision.


Our Legacy Incorporated program is tailored to you. We’d love to talk more about what makes sense for your unique situation. Email us at legacy@paragonroad.com