Why Former Fashion Maven, Luxury Resort Owner and Best-selling Author, Sandra Biskind, Believes Living the  Right Code Leads to Ultimate Meaning and Success 

by Laura A. Roser


“All humans live by codes,” says Sandra Biskind. “You’re either living in the ego mind code, which is fear, distraction, separation and failure or you’re living in the divine mind code, which is unity and oneness.”

Alright, I have to add in a disclaimer here. I’ve been living in Southern California for the past year or so and, I have to admit, when I hear stuff like this, I always take it with a grain of salt. I live in an area where you can throw a rock and hit a yoga studio. There are many who claim to be spiritual gurus and, although I don’t discount spirituality, I certainly am cautious about whom I trust my mind to.

There is, however, something that makes Sandra genuinely unique. This is the reason I was so excited about interviewing her. From the outside looking in, Sandra seems to have it all. She was a self-made millionaire by her late twenties, she married the man of her dreams and they opened an award-winning luxury resort in New Zealand where they ran retreats and classes for over a decade (sold off in 2012). She now lives in Manhattan Beach, California with Daniel, her husband and business partner, creating programs and writing books about the spiritual principles that have led her life. Sandra says her tremendous success was a direct result of her focus on spirituality.

When she was 18, she almost died. This led to a profound experience that changed her thinking. “After that, I was never the same,” says Sandra. “It was my first complete and full enlightenment experience where I went into the oneness of whole life—the joy, the wonder, the bliss of it. My intuition was totally amped up. I was just a very different person after that experience.” Just two months later, her mother died because of a blood transfusion (she was given the wrong blood type) and Sandra took over her mother’s fashion businesses. Soon Sandra sold off the businesses and at twenty she was married and set up her first of seven fashion boutiques, which became wildly successful. This allowed her the freedom to pursue her loves: 1. charity events, 2. personal spiritual development.

“Back then, I was spending time with all of the spiritual gurus, masters, teachers and success coaches on the planet.” At 27, she opened her first healing and meditation center and conducted mind, body, spirit festivals. She began writing for Australian and New Zealand mind, body, spirit magazines. “On the surface,” she says, “I was this very savvy businesswoman with award-winning businesses, but the other part of my life was definitely the most profound. It’s what created the woman who was successful in the world.”

Sandra believes her innate drive to become the best version of herself has led her to the tools and resources to help others become the best versions of themselves as well. What it comes down to is rather simple, she says, the best version of yourself is the most loving, most forgiving and most expanded.

But there is always opposition to reaching this best version of yourself. “The ego will always sabotage our ability to love and be one with even our families,” says Sandra. “You look at what is going on in the world. If families can’t get it together, how do we expect the world to get it together?”

When I asked Sandra what advice she had for helping families “get it together,” she answered, “Forgive. Forgive. Forgive.” She also mentions taking total responsibility for everything that has happened in your life and observing what your family does that hurts you. Sandra shared an experience she had with a family member who was intentionally treating her very poorly. “But I knew,” says Sandra, “because of the program that she’s got running in her human computer that what she was doing was an absolute cry for love.”

Sandra believes that when someone hurts you, it is because of two reasons: 1) It’s a cry for love or 2) they’ve pushed your buttons. When you’re in hurtful situations with others, she suggests asking the following questions:

1. Why am I feeling pain around this?
2. Why am I not neutral to it?
3. How do I come to a place of forgiveness? 

Sandra says, you’ve got a choice. “You can either forgive them and keep your love for them and your family in tact or you can have them take up rent-free storage in your mind and have this negative experience and go into stress, ill health, and separation.”

It’s a constant battle of whether you want to be at the mercy of your ego and own pride or stay in your heart and know what they’ve done is a cry for love.

Training Your Ego Puppy

Something Sandra talks about is imagining that when you were born, you were perfect, but you came with an ego puppy, which is all of the conditioning from your past, your parents’ beliefs, decisions you’ve made or results of decisions past generations have made that are now affecting you, and so on. It can run amok in your life, if you let it.  Instead of killing your puppy (or ego), just recognize it for what it is. Many newage thinkers talk about getting rid of the ego completely, but for Sandra that doesn’t allow for whole living. “We want you to integrate that ego puppy,” she says, “and bring it into the family and train it. So that every time it piddles all over somebody by saying something nasty or horrible or in a bad tone of voice, you can say, ‘Oh, hang on a minute. That was my ego puppy. Sorry about that. Now let’s start again.’”

This, she says, is how she and her husband have maintained such a wonderful relationship for so many years. “If Daniel says something to me, I’ll look at him and say, ‘I think your ego puppy just piddled all over me.’ And he’ll look at me and say, ‘Oh wow. I think it did. I’m so sorry.’ And we laugh. It’s over.”

Ongoing Improvement

The most-exciting journey you can take, according to Biskind, is the journey from your head to your heart or from your ego mind into your divine mind and into your true self.

But it takes time. “Daniel and I work on ourselves daily,” she says. “It’s not something that is instantaneous where you say, ‘Today I’m going to love my family, be successful, and write the best book.’ You don’t just decide this. It’s an ongoing process.”


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Sandra and Daniel Biskind  are internationally known for their powerful transformational techniques that empower you to free yourself from limiting programs, beliefs and habitual thinking to enable you to realize your extraordinary potential and transform your life. Sandra authored and co-authored several books with Daniel including the three Amazon international #1 best-sellers in The CODEBREAKER PLATINUM Series which will empower you to change your thoughts and change your life. PEACE: Power Up Your Life, LOVE: Ignite The Secret To Your Success and AWARENESS: Discover How Life Really Works. For more information, visit www.thebiskinds.com