Meet Founder, Christine Fabiani

By William Jenkins

What is Knots of Love?

Under the leadership of founder Christine Fabiani, Knots of Love, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, donates hand-made caps to men and women, including veterans, undergoing chemotherapy, burn victims, brain surgery patients, head trauma patients, and individuals with alopecia. They also donate tiny blankets to fragile new lives in incubators. Knots of Love was born in 2007 out of a desire to brighten the lives of people in need, in a loving and caring way.

Christine Fabiani

11 Christine Fabiani photoFounder Christine Fabiani first learned to crochet from her grandmother Janette at age 6. Many years later, Christine found herself picking up the craft once again to make scarves and afghans for friends and family. The first piece of inspiration for Knots of Love came from her son Geoffrey, who encouraged Christine to make caps and start a charity of her own. The second piece of inspiration to make stylish, soft, head-warming chemo caps for people fighting cancer came from a friend of Christine, who was a cancer survivor herself, said to Christine, “I wish I had a cozy cap to wear after a long day of working and wearing of an itchy, scratchy, uncomfortable wig.”

Christine notes, “I felt so good making caps for cancer patients. I thought other yarn crafters might enjoy making them too.” Since then, makers from across the United States and I have distributed, hand delivered, and shipped more than 362,589 (1,000 every week – rain or shine) handmade caps to cancer centers, oncologists’ offices, and infusion centers, plus delivered tiny Neonatal Intensive Care Unit blankets across the nation. “I often say, our gift is simple: Human kindness and warmth to someone in need,” reflects Christine.

Words of Thanks

Christine shared two beautiful testimonials of brave cancer patients.

Jeanette wrote: “I want you to make sure you tell those angels of yours how much I have appreciated the beautiful hats that they have made. The hats are a big hug on my head. They bring color to my face and make you feel pretty when you are going through tough times. Your hats have given me more self-esteem. Again, I want to say thank you to those angels! They have eased my pain during these difficult times.”

Beth wrote: “What touches me most is people who I will never know care enough to take the time to make something that makes me feel better. My head is warm, and I look cute. I need to look cute now; it’s good for my heart.”

Words from the Cap Makers

Christine also shared testimonies of two makers and how making the caps impacted them and their family members.

Theresa shared this story about her mom: “I want to thank you for giving my mom a new purpose. Since my dad passed away from cancer a few years ago, she has become more distant and cannot find anything productive or that interests her. This concerned us very much. When she saw your hats, she said, ‘Hey, I know how to make caps. Your grandmother used to make them all the time.’ I think something sparked inside her. Now she makes hats for others. Thank you for giving my Mom a new purpose.”

Veronica wrote: “I honestly can’t imagine a world without your organization, and I’m so happy I’m able to help.”

The Knots of Love Legacy

Christine reflected, “Helping people puts a spring in my step and wind in my sails. It brings tears to my eyes when I stop and reflect upon what we do for people and how my passion affects so many lives. When my tears fall, they mean something. I strive to be that person who is pure joy, impeccable with her words, and showing up with all I am. Knots of Love is my wellspring.”

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William Jenkins is the Managing Editor of Legacy Arts Magazine.

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