Much of Hart’s sense of purpose is tied to the work he does. He said he often thinks about the question: “What leads to a happy life?”—“I believe we all have hardwired in us a desire to do something meaningful and significant, and to help other people.”

He goes on to add, “I love what I do because it is a huge opportunity to make a difference and it is an unbelievable honor to be a part of the Dale Carnegie legacy.”

Utilizing Carnegie Values to Build Character, Confidence and a Successful Enterprise

Even as a young man in his 20s, Hart played to his strengths and demonstrated a profound amount of dedication to his work. He recognized what he excelled at, pursued law school, and then started practicing law with a major firm. At 27, he enrolled in a Dale Carnegie course.

“It unlocked all sorts of things within me. I recognized that a lot of times you when you experience something, you don’t apply what you’ve learned. As a result, I developed a system to make those things that I learned habitual in my everyday life.”

In 1998, Hart generated a plan for this system that would become his first business endeavor, InfoAlly. The company offered online programs to supplement Dale Carnegie courses. He sold InfoAlly in 2005 and went on to help start yet another company called Health Asset where he served as President until joining Dale Carnegie in 2015.

His only regret is that he didn’t experience the Dale Carnegie training sooner, which is why he encouraged his daughters at 14 and 15 to enroll.

“It has just been unbelievable to see what Dale Carnegie has done for them,” he says. “I mean you talk about legacy and impact—it’s amazing to see kids talking about how they lacked confidence, how they were bullied, whatever it might be, and then they had this Dale Carnegie experience and it really unlocked something inside of them and changed the trajectory of their lives.”

Hart Family Values

Embracing core values such as personal integrity, respect for others and gratitude is essential to how Hart and his wife have raised their children. He admits it is not always a perfect system, but nevertheless as parents, they’ve reinforced these principles as often as possible.

“Respect is a very important part of what we believe as a family. Additionally, I think it is hard to be happy if you’re not grateful, so we emphasize the importance of gratitude and responsibility—do what you say you’re going to do.”

Making the Most of Our Time

“My personal path has been very winding,” Hart says, “so if I could go back and tell my younger self anything it would be to learn as much as you can, stay positive and be enthusiastic about the future because life is great. We are fortunate for the time that we have. Believe in yourself and trust yourself—you’re going to make mistakes and that’s okay, just keep on moving.”

At this stage of his life, Hart does not envision a retirement date. He hopes to continue contributing to the Dale Carnegie legacy for years to come. “I have one life here and I want to live it to its fullest. For me, part of that means that I’m contributing in some way. I love what I’m doing and I hope to continue doing it for a long time.”


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joe_hart_2015_-_cropped_hi-resJoe Hart, is the President and CEO of Dale Carnegie Training, a worldwide leader in professional development, leadership training and employee engagement. As a Dale Carnegie graduate himself, Hart worked with the company as a strategic partner for ten years prior to assuming his present role as President and CEO. He lives in New York with his wife and six children.


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