The Next Wave of Giving

By Laura A. Roser

 Every donor can make a difference. But every generation needs a group of people willing to envision a sea change. And when they step up with the courage to see into the future and picture something better for their children and neighbors—their impact touches everyone.”

For 75 years, Seattle Foundation ( has been here for these changemakers. I was grateful to speak on October 8 as the Seattle Foundation introduced their new Changemakers Circle program and seek to raise the next generation of change.

My thanks to  Tony Mestres and Allison Parker for the opportunity to speak and for your hospitality.

I love this Seattle Foundation statement from their Changemakers Circle program: “We know what it takes to bring a shared vision for a better community to life: expert knowledge, deep partnerships, and the tools that smart philanthropists need to make their most meaningful decisions and deliver the greatest impact.” Find out more on their blog.

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