“I am so glad my sister directed me to your Lasting Legacy course!” —Ruthie Showalter wrote to us excitedly after receiving her copy of the book she wrote about her Mom, Doris.

“I actually have a book in hand which would not have happened without your coaching! I learned so much from you, and I really needed your guidance. Thank you!”

The Lasting Legacy program is a 6-week class where you don’t just learn about writing a biography — you actually write it! The course is designed as a small online zoom class composed of a few others who are also writing their biographies or biographies of a loved one. Each week, you write a portion of the book and share your stories with the group.

Ruthie participated in the class each week along with her mother, so it was a valuable bonding experience for them. Ruthie used material that Doris had written down over the years and also created writings specifically for the book. “We would sit down and talk about the Lasting Legacy assignments. I would do my best to prompt her ideas and memories, capture the essence of what she was saying, and write it down in her voice. It was a significant effort but it brought me closer to her past and present!”

“The active telling of stories each week not only gives practical feedback about your writing, it spurs the imagination toward finding the stories that are central to your life,” commented William Summey, Paragon Road Content Director. “The class times together are both engaging and encouraging.”

Paragon Road CEO and Founder Laura A. Roser guides you through the course every week and the team at Paragon Road helps you every step of the way. Laura adds, “This book is a treasure – a history of your life – that’s fun to read, captivating and filled with just the right balance of writing and images to intrigue every age. And the best part is, you can create this treasured book in our live online program in just 6-weeks.”

Preview of Ruthie’s Book:

Ruthie reflects on the entire experience of getting her Mom’s book published: “I had been doggedly writing pieces of Mom’s story over the years. It was a daunting task. She has lived such an interesting life and has collected so much material, and I wanted to include it all! Everything seemed equally important to me.  My vision was overwhelming, a job for a full time professional writer (which I am not)! Lasting Legacy gave me the support I needed to let go of the big project (which may have never happened) and do something smaller and more manageable. I was enticed by the idea that in 6 weeks I would have a completed book! In reality, it took me longer, but William and Laura were right there with me the whole way till the end.”

Ruthie discovered an added bonus to her book as her mother ages: “Mom is enjoying the book so much! Her memory has further declined in the last months. This book of her life helps her remember. She’s rediscovering her life!”

Doris Reading One of Her Stories:

You too can write this family treasure by being part of the Lasting Legacy course. Laura adds, “The course is for all generations who want to write. Our current situation is a perfect time to join because of having more time on our hands. Imagine your grandchildren excitedly grabbing for your Book of You and flipping through its pages.”

Family history is so precious! This truth may never hit home as much as right now, in this time impacting our everyday lives and impacting so many.

Find out more about the class and see samples of the book at https://paragonroad.com/lasting-legacy-program/