How Event Designer Kristin Banta Transforms a Couple’s Unique Legacy Into Art

by Matthew Roser


Imagine walking under the shadow of a silken canopy that drapes over a grand dining hall. The sun flits in and out, creating an iridescent dance of color and wonder. Exquisite sets line the tables and rich mahogany warmly invites the many guests certain to come. Close your eyes and the fragrant roses carry their honey-scent on a light breeze, gently calling you inside.

This beautiful setting is no fairy tale, but a handcrafted experience that Kristin Banta regularly brings to life. Kristin began her event planning career over 15 years ago when her focus primarily surrounded fashion and music. But she soon realized that events could draw upon a limitless repertoire of inspirations. This niche to create unforgettably bold events became Kristin’s passion.

“I never create the same thing twice,” she confidently says. Part of this boast’s credit is due to Kristin’s creative tenacity, but the other lies in the nature of events. That is, every event is unique and each wedding celebrates a unique couple. Harnessing this “one-of-a-kind” component is the key to an unforgettable wedding.

Kristin explains that it is her job to find the appropriate materials and designs for a wedding. She will help the couple transform their desires out into a tangible beauty, but her clients must first find that special component. Kristin commonly refers to this as the “soul of the spectacle.”

One such spectacle was in a Heaven and Hell themed wedding. Kristin stated that she had her reservations when first hearing the proposed idea, but eagerly went to work after understanding the couple’s story. The groom had found his partner, or in this case, “angel”, and felt that his partner had rescued him from the dark life he was living before they had met. This wedding became focused on redemption and grace and drew from many inspirations, such as Dante Alighieri’s Divine Comedy. The celebration quickly veered from Heaven and Hell, and in reality, became a very special way to tell the story of happiness found in the embrace of one’s soul mate.

However, Kristin did warn of third-party distractions. She explains that almost every couple must contend with a third-party influencing their wedding plan. This may be an overzealous parent, the financer of the wedding, or even the event planner. If this distraction is not reigned in quickly enough, the wedding will lose its intended purpose: which is to tell the story of the couple marrying. Many of Kristin’s clients who must deal with this problem often lament over the loss of their wedding’s identity.

Kristin acknowledges that she is commonly hired with the thought of only directing the design and preparations for the wedding. But her other duties consist of pulling out the inspiration, as well as keeping the focus relevant. Even if her clients must make room for a third decision maker, Kristin continually steers the conversation in the couple’s favor.

After all, a wedding is the one time to tell your special story. The truly unforgettable weddings are those with the most spirit. This soul cannot be mimicked or told by another voice. It is your story to tell.


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Kristin Banta is the creator and head of Kristin Banta Events. With a 15year background in event production, entertainment and fashion, as well as a background in catering and interior design, Ms. Banta has poised herself as a unique player in the event planning industry. She commonly serves as a keynote speaker for numerous conferences and is widely known for her Bravo show, “The Wedding Party.” To learn more about Kristin’s company, visit