Planning a Wedding with the Journey in Mind


Jodi Moraru is always excited whenever she hears a bride and groom exclaim, “We can’t wait to get married and spend our lives together!” In her 26 years of planning weddings, Jodi has seen many successful marriages, but one of the most important indicators of future marital bliss is the couple’s focus on the journey of developing a legacy of love.

Ceremonies with a stronger impact manifest from the couple’s understanding of their identities. There should be a sense of self-reflection in the wedding. It ought to represent family history, tradition, and the unification of two unique lives and their families.

“Whenever I meet with a new potential client,” says Jodi, “I like to ask the question: What is important to you?” 

A wedding is a time of celebration for not only the bride and groom, but also their loved ones. “A truly meaningful wedding expresses the values of the community,” Jodi explains. Neighbors, friends, and family have been a part of the lives of the bride and groom and participating in their wedding is a rite of passage that forms a deeper connection for everyone. It is the ability to create those precious memories and connect with the community that differentiates a great wedding from a mediocre one.

Jodi recalls a particularly powerful wedding that she planned during the previous Fourth of July. The bride was busy finishing her teaching degree, leaving Jodi to work closely with the groom. This was to be an Orthodox Jewish wedding with celebrations spanning over the weekend. “We planned the ceremony and the groom continually commented on how he was so happy to have found his partner in life.” The groom’s happiness resulted in an infectiously joyous celebration. “Everyone was laughing and dancing,” Jodi continues, “there is no denying the energy and spirit that enveloped the entire ceremony.”

Of course a beautiful dress, decadent cake, and the right venue matter. But Jodi enthusiastically reminds us, “always keep sight on the most important thing: creating a memory.”


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Jodi Moraru has planned events for 26 years. She started her own Washington D.C.-based event design, planning, and management firm, EVOKE, 17 years ago. While she isn’t planning luxury events, Jodi loves to spend time with her family and travel. To learn more about Jodi’s company, visit