“Let us endeavor so to live so that when we come to die even the undertaker will be sorry.”


Legacy Retreats & Events

Our private family retreats are one of the most profound things you can do to bring your family together in a loving, meaningful way. The result of the retreat is the creation of a family legacy plan and brand that will serve as the foundation of excellence for current and future generations. LEARN MORE →

This 1-day workshop is designed to teach couples the tools they need to create an effective family legacy. It is especially useful for newlyweds, parents of young children or grandparents. LEARN MORE →

Family Legacy Plan Development

Our legacy planning team works with you to create a comprehensive plan tailored to your specific objectives and family style. This plan becomes your guiding principles and custom manual for successful living. It is structured so you can implement it with your own team or resources. Or we can implement it through our team of experts. LEARN MORE →

Philanthropic Legacy Planning & Positioning

The first step to any successful endeavor is a clear vision. Philanthropy is no different. We work with both large philanthropic institutions and high net worth individual donors to determine their vision, goals, what will have the greatest impact and how to communicate that message to their audiences. LEARN MORE →

Reputation Management and Publicity

If you are in the public eye or wish to be, we can assist you with building a legend—a legacy that will elevate you and further your vision. We, however, understand that many people, especially the affluent, wish to protect their privacy. We can help you ensure your reputation is managed well. LEARN MORE →

Legacy Implementation & Creative

Formalizing your legacy as letters, books, artwork, audios, videos or other creative content is not just an interesting way to capture your life, it is the only way to permanently archive it. Your legacy needs the same kind of permanency as a sculpture or great literature. Otherwise, your memory is stored in someone’s head and can quickly fade away to nothing. LEARN MORE →


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