“There is no truth. There is only perception.”


Your Legend in the Making

If you are in the public eye or wish to be, we can assist you with building a legend—a legacy that will elevate you and further your vision.

We, however, understand that many people, especially the affluent, wish to protect their privacy. That is why we take our clients’ privacy very seriously. But, unfortunately, the internet has changed things because privacy is not respected. This creates some interesting conundrums for the person who values privacy or avoids proactively creating a digital presence. The first, is that people expect you to have an online presence and they will typically do a mini background check on you and, through this process, whatever comes up online will be their impression of you. The second, is that information about you will be posted by others—media outlets, companies, your friends, your employees, your colleagues—and the more aware you are, the better.

We help you manage your reputation through:

  • Personal reputation planning
  • Online and offline strategies
  • Social media
  • Media relations
  • Crisis response


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