“Effective philanthropy requires a lot of time and creativity – the same kind of focus and skills that building a business requires.”


Structured Giving for the Greatest Impact and Meaning

A man met with us to inquire about our services. When we told him about our work in philanthropy, he said, “I wish I had known about you a few years ago.” He sighed. “When my aunt died, she gave everything to her church. Which would have been okay, but they didn’t respect her. She gave them all that she had—her money, her home, her possessions. She thought they would carefully take care of it all and honor her name, but they didn’t. They auctioned off everything in her home to the highest bidder. There are some items that had sentimental value that they simply threw away or gave away without even checking with the family. And here’s the worst part – they used her money to build a synagogue and put some other guy’s name on the building! She didn’t get any credit. At all. That would have been such a nice legacy for our family. If only she had met with someone like you to help her think it through…”

If you don’t manage your giving, someone else will do it for you and you may not like the results.

The first step to any successful endeavor is a clear vision. Philanthropy is no different. We work with both large philanthropic institutions and high net worth individual donors to determine their vision, goals, what will have the greatest impact and how to communicate that message to their audiences.

Now is an exciting time for philanthropy because there are so many new avenues worth exploring. Mark Zuckerberg and his wife, for example, created an LLC as their vehicle for giving because they wanted more control and it fit their philanthropic objectives. The idea of young people giving early on or as a part of the model of their companies (i.e. Tom’s Shoes) is a definite departure from what was standard of great wealth in the past—think of the Rockefellers or Andrew Carnegie who waited until the end of their lives to give in a significant way.

It’s also critically important to consider the kind of message, brand and methodology a philanthropic organization employs. Successfully telling a story and using resources in the right way (with the right systems) can mean the difference between helping many individuals and squandering your money on initiatives that fall flat (or worse, hurt those they are intended to help).

We work with you to establish:

  • Your giving vision, mission, purpose and goals.
  • How your philanthropic efforts are going to help your community and family. (i.e. Would you like your kids to be involved? How would you like to be remembered in the community?)
  • The brand and positioning of the organization. Your organization must have its own niche and connect with the right people in the right way to make the greatest impact. The right copywriting, graphics and media can make all the difference and our team of creatives produces exceptional work.
  • Publicity campaigns to attract donors and media attention.
  • Lead generation and a viable marketing plan to turn your passion for giving into something that is economically sustainable.


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