“The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance.”


Making It Real

Your legacy is like a great Michaelangelo sculpture. It’s within you, waiting to be freed from a block of marble, but it takes much chipping and artistry to bring out its full potential. And once your legacy is sculpted, it becomes significantly more valuable than the block of marble it originally started as. It becomes a treasure that will be valued for generations.

Formalizing your legacy as letters, books, artwork, audios, videos or other creative content is not just an interesting way to capture your life, it is the only way to permanently archive it. Your legacy needs the same kind of permanency as a Michaelangelo sculpture or great literature. Otherwise, your memory is stored in someone’s head and can quickly fade away to nothing.

You have worked hard to build a life of beauty and abundance. Your money, home and cars are just a manifestation of a mindset you have spent years cultivating. That mindset, the lessons you’ve learned, the experiences you’ve had, the love you’ve shared, that is what will impact your family. That is what your children will treasure. It can also become an instruction manual of sorts when your children or loved ones need a little extra help.

Our creative team can help with:

Writing / Publishing / Specialty Books

  • Memoirs
  • Biographies
  • Ethical wills or legacy letters
  • Life short story collections
  • Memorial books or books of remembrance
  • Engagement / wedding books
  • Significant event books (births, graduations, etc.)
  • Social media collections and timelines of posted events and photos
  • Family lineage / history of ancestors / historical site research
  • Photo albums
  • Travel books
  • Favorite family recipes / meals / traditions
  • Illustrated stories / custom children’s books / picture books
  • Pet tributes
  • Corporate & business histories

Video / Audio

  • Audio / video interviews
  • Video biographies
  • Videos about philanthropic organizations
  • Documentaries
  • Tribute videos / audios

Art / Illustration

  • Portraits
  • Custom family trees
  • Crests / logos

Web Design

  • Personal websites
  • Family websites
  • Websites for philanthropic efforts


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