“The family is one of nature’s masterpieces.”


The Tools You Need

This 1-day workshop is designed to teach couples the tools they need to create an effective family legacy. It is especially useful for newlyweds, parents of young children or grandparents.

Unlike our family retreat—which includes time for storytelling, making memories, crafting your vision, reminiscing with the family and learning about your specific heritage—this workshop is all about education. The idea is to teach you how to create a legacy with your family. The final outcome is a solid legacy plan you can implement on your own.

Workshop Agenda

Components of a Successful Family Legacy:

The aim of a solid family legacy plan is to mold family members who are:

  • Capable. Members know their role in the family and contribute to the financial, social, spiritual and intellectual health of their family and the community.
  • Connected. Members care about their ancestors, extended family and descendants. They work hard to stay connected to the family and establish effective generational governance structures.
  • Grateful. Members recognize the many blessings and opportunities they have been given and focus on empowering each family member to become the very best.
  • Responsible. Members are accountable for their actions and mistakes and embrace their responsibility to give back.
  • Competent. Members develop the skills to handle and manage money, effectively utilize opportunities, and become productive, giving members of society.

We give an overview of the components of creating and implementing a plan that results in these outcomes.

Identification of Family Values:

Here we discuss several families and how they have defined their values. We also look at a value chart and do several activities that will help you and your partner identify your most important family values.

Creating of Your Family Mission, Vision and Mantra:

We guide you through creating a family mission, vision and mantra that will serve as the foundation of your family.

Creating Your Family Coat of Arms:

We brainstorm ideas about a unique coat of arms or logo that will represent your family. As well as show examples of family crests. We’ve found this component, when done right, can be extremely valuable to your family because it gives them a tangible identity—something they can see and connect with.

Documenting Family Systems:

We list traditions to be passed down from generation to generation, systems for maintaining a healthy body, systems for managing money, business systems, and other knowledge that should be passed on. We teach you how to get the kids and other family members involved in creating a family knowledge base. We also teach you how to create a living, breathing data feed that allows you to pass on new information throughout the years.

Creating Your Family Constitution:

It may seem overly formal to some, but a family constitution can help solve major problems down the road by outlining the specific principles and precedents your family agrees to follow. While the vision and mission of your family is more of an overview, your family constitution lists specific rules that will be followed and respected. This isn’t about creating a “police state” family. It’s about setting clear expectations and establishing accountability and responsibility—crucial skills your children need to function at the highest level as adults. When everyone knows what is expected of them and that other members of the family care about their well-being and will hold them accountable for making poor choices (also praise them for making good choices!), they have incentive to avoid foolish actions and reach higher levels of self awareness.

Creating Family Goals:

We give you a template to implement a family theme for the year and show you how to work toward a concrete goal you define together. How you want to implement your family goals depends on how your family interacts, ages of various members and interest. This is about having fun and growing and learning in a laid back environment. We give you examples of what has worked for other families and show you how to create something that encapsulates your unique family vision.

How to Implement a Family Meeting:

In his book, The Secrets of Happy Families, Bruce Feiler writes about how a simple 20-minute weekly family meeting transformed his relationship with his teenage daughters. For the first couple meetings, his daughters were emotionally closed off and non-communicative. Then, they began to open up in a very big way. We teach you how to create family meetings that stimulate conversation, promote love and create a family that is more cohesive. If done right, your family meetings can be a fun, enjoyable time of the week that everyone looks forward to. This is also a time to address the day-to-day operations of the family and establish some routines.

Archiving and Passing On Intellectual and Character Assets:

We will outline the best ways to share memories, document experiences and stories, compile meaningful family information and how to save it in a way that won’t be lost or forgotten (which is easy to do in this electronic age).


At the completion of this workshop, you will have a comprehensive Family Legacy Plan, which will include:

    • Vision
    • Mission
    • Mantra
    • Values
    • Constitution
    • Family crest creation ideas and template
    • Traditions
    • Important systems to pass on
    • Goals
    • Family meeting structure and how to conduct them
    • Instructions for implementation
    • How to archive and pass on your intellectual and character assets

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